photprint on paper

25 cm 32 cm


 Though coming from a not very individualistic society like the Chinese one of the last century, Meng Huang is deeply affected by Rilke’s comment in his letters that „we are alone… above all in the deepest and most poignant things, unspeakably alone“, and that loneliness is greatness, it is difficult but „we are to cling to the difficulty“.

Meng Huang perceives his loneliness more in the incommunicability of what he feels, in the unspeakyble than in his way of living; he has many friends with whom he enjoys intense relationships but not regular meetings. The ‚compulsion to be‘ is for him unbearable as it extinguishes the truest yearnings, the most spontaneous impulses: he prefers to ‚play it by ear‘ than to plan anything in advance.



Impetuous sensations sometimes seize him and drive him to phone his closest friends in the perpetual hope of finding emphaty: sensations bound by their own nature to remain only his. When he manages to find short, sporadic true exchanges, he is really ecstatic.

Monica Dematté | 2006